About us


took birth in the year 2001.

It specialises in people solutions allowing its clients to focus on their core business activities.

The philosophy has been that in the emerging business environment of today it is not as much about the capital as it is about the people forming a business entity.

While businesses realise the importance of having the right person in the right job they find it increasingly difficult to search and retain such talent. One of the many reasons contributing to this has been the fact that there has been a faster increase in demand for talent in comparison to their availability.

Our single focus approach has made us specialise in providing talent. It has equipped us in not just building strong databases and processes but has also allowed us to achieve greater domain expertise on assignments handled by us. Some of this has been complemented by the fact that our team comprises of not just HR professionals. The team has people who have industry exposure from varied industries in capacities other than the HR role.

Our Team

The core Duarz family is currently 60 members strong and is ever growing spread across the country.

We have dedicated teams for each of our services and within that each team has sub-divisions to allow for specialization. Through our internal training and induction we have built a healthy mix of specialists with a complete understanding of all the roles performed within the organization. We believe such cross-functional ability and blend are the differentiating factor of any service-based organization striving to provide seamless delivery to its clients and candidates alike.